Guys-Way-250pxFor many Avon walkers, the most daunting challenge isn’t blisters, cramps, or dehydration. It’s the fund- raising requirement!

Let’s face it: $1,800 isn’t exactly spare change you can dig out of the couch cushions. Putting the ask on family, friends, and colleagues, whether it’s the first time or the tenth time, isn’t easy.

Recognizing this fact, Men With Heart has a plan to make it easier-—a matching donation program!

For the 2014 Boston Avon Walk, Men With Heart will subsidize up to one-half of our team members’ minimum fundraising requirement. That’s right: we’ll chip in up to $900 toward your Avon donation requirement!

There are a few stipulations, detailed below, but it’s an unbeatable deal. If you’ve been thinking about joining the fight against breast cancer, but were worried about raising the funds, now’s the time!


To qualify for this offer, you must:

1) Sign up for the 2014 Boston Avon Walk as a member of the Men With Heart team: This year’s walk takes place during the weekend of May 17-18. Click here to join now!

2) Conduct your fundraising through Men With Heart: We’ll set up a donation page for you on the Men With Heart website, which will allow you to take credit card donations. Around the time of the walk, MWH will write a check on your behalf to Avon, which will include the subsidy funds if needed to meet your minimum requirement.

3) Agree to be a fully participating MWH member: Our mission is to be stewards of the walks, helping our fellow walkers make it to the finish line in good spirits and shape. You’ll wear the signature MWH yellow t-shirt; carry a backpack filled with supplies (chocolate, blister packs, sunblock, etc.) for walkers in need; and join in sing-a-longs to serenade our fellow walkers. At the end of each day, we line up at the finish line to cheer in every single walker – it is a point of pride and duty that we continue cheering until the very last walker finishes.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, sign up right now and take advantage of this probably-never-to-be-repeated offer!

Contact us with any questions.

Avon captain: Jack Burlingame

Men With Heart is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) corporation (a fancy way of saying we’re a charity!). All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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