How Your Donation Will Be Used

Although Men with Heart participates in various breast cancer walks and events, our organization is completely independent, having no legal association or affiliation whatsoever with Avon, Komen, or any other organization.

Men with Heart is composed entirely of volunteers. No one draws a salary — neither the founder, nor the board of directors, nor anyone else associated with the organization. MWH does not rent office space; we have no phone system, no computer network, no copiers or fax machines, no physical assets of any kind.

This frugal existence is the result of a deliberate choice. We are committed to keeping expenses at an absolute minimum in order to dedicate the largest percentage possible of our revenues to the causes we support.

Where the Money Goes

When an individual joins the Men With Heart team, we ask him to make two commitments:

  1. to participate in the breast cancer walk of his choice
  2. to commit to raising at least $3,000 for breast cancer research, treatment, awareness, and prevention (This is a suggested goal, not a requirement.)

For a typical MWH teammate who raises $3,000, the money will be allocated as follows:

  1. In order for a walker to participate in the Avon or Komen Breast Cancer Walk, a minimum fund-raising contribution is required. Thus, the first $1,800-2,000 that a MWH teammate raises is donated to the Avon Foundation or the Komen Foundation, both of which are tax-exempt charitable organizations.
  2. Once the fund-raising obligation has been met, the remaining funds raised are donated directly to other 501(c)(3) organizations addressing women’s issues. (In past years, these beneficiary organizations have been involved in the fight against breast cancer. In subsequent years, other causes may be supported.)

Men With Heart is establishing an Advisory Board that will help determine which organizations provide the most valuable services to their constituencies and the community, and which contribute the highest percentage of funds raised to the cause, rather than administrative overhead.

Note that the above is a hypothetical illustration of a typical funds distribution. Depending on the amount of money raised and other variables, the actual distribution percentages may vary. Not included in the above totals are a small amount of expenditures for administrative costs — mostly for printing of flyers and informational materials. Since, as noted above, we have no employees or office space, we expect to keep administrative costs to a bare minimum. Men With Heart will prepare and distribute a detailed accounting of income and expenditures each year. We will post it on our web site as soon as it is available.

To make a donation to Men With Heart, click here.

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