MWH forms Lahey support group

Caregivers Circle begins June 1

After many years of listening to people touched by breast cancer, and more specifically the close circle surrounding the patient, Men With Heart has determined that there is very little support for those who give support. As many of us know from personal experience, it is easier to care for someone when we are healthy ourselves, but too often the caregiver is struggling internally while at the same time providing strength and support to their loved one who has fallen victim to this disease which has no conscience or mercy.

Men With Heart is implementing the “Caregivers Circle” program, which establishes support groups for caregivers and those close to someone going through breast cancer. The support group is a venue for sharing, learning and healing. The focus is on both the tactical issues of how to get day to day, as well as the deeper emotional issues of dealing with something that we don’t have control over. It is our hope that this program will make for healthier caregivers, which will in turn make for a better support system for the patient.

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