You don’t need the strength of a U.S. Marine to walk 60 miles; you just need a lotta heart! (And a good pair of sneakers.) And heart is something that Men With Heart has in abundance. We’ve been walking for 11 years, bringing our unique brand of camaraderie and support to the Avon (2-days/40 miles) and Komen (3 days/60 miles) breast cancer walks. We’ve raised more than a cool mil for the cause, while conducting sing-a-longs, candy giveaways, mobile medical services, and more for our fellow walkers.

Has breast cancer impacted your life or that of a loved one? Join us! Contact Jack for the Avon or Scott for the Komen and we’ll tell you how easy it is to take part — a blister or two notwithstanding!

No, we weren’t hanging around this entrance hoping to meet a hooker! MWH was at the State House last year to receive a citation from the governor honoring our 10 year/million dollar anniversary.

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