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Bob’s Cancer Walk Page

TO: All of my family, friends, fellow veterans, customers & potential donors:

I am honored to be a member of an all men’s team that does a tremendous amount in support of breast cancer. The “MEN WITH HEART” are an incredible group of guys who provide support to breast cancer families and walkers. Each year we participate in the AVON & KOMEN long-range walks to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. These walks aren’t easy and are getting harder as I get older(some of the hills are looking more like Mt. Everest every year) but the hope is that if just one woman or one man survives these dreaded diseases, then it was more than worth the hardship and pain that we walkers endured.

So with that in mind I ask for your generous support for this much needed cause. Any amount will suffice. I realize that the economic sitution we now face makes hard, but please think about those who are fighting this dreaded disease. So on behalf of them and on behalf of the MEN WITH HEART, I thank you for your benevolence.

Bob Gilbert

The easiest way to contribute is to click the button below and donate via my secure PayPal link.

To donate via check, please mail your donation to:

Men With Heart, A Non-Profit Corporation
733 Turnpike Street, #200
North Andover, MA 01845

Please write on the check or on an accompanying note the following information:

  • Your name and address (if not already on the check)
  • Your email address (so we can send you a receipt)
  • “Bob Gilbert” (so we know which teammate to credit)

Click here to learn more about Men With Heart.
Click here to see how your donation will be used in the fight against cancer.
Click here to get information about joining the Men With Heart team.

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