In the latest volley in its battle against breast cancer, Men With Heart has awarded a grant to Silent Spring Institute to support its breast cancer research programs.

Men With Heart, a Boston-based nonprofit dedicated to eradicating breast cancer, has contributed $5,000 to Silent Spring to further its work toward identifying and breaking the links between environmental chemicals and breast cancer.

  • Searched for environmental factors in women’s health with an ultimate goal of disease prevention.
  • Conducted scientific research in the context of alliance and dialogue between scientists and activists.
  • Supported scientific excellence and innovation, conducting research unlikely to be done elsewhere.
  • Fostered multidisciplinary teams incorporating toxicology, epidemiology, computer science, environmental science, and communications in an integrated research program.
  • “Genetics alone cannot account for the majority of cases of breast cancer, leaving a lot of room for prevention,” says Julia Brody, PhD, Senior Scientist and Executive Director of Silent Spring Institute, citing that only five to ten percent of breast cancers are attributable to high-risk inherited genes. “Every day we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals in consumer products and pollution that raise concern for breast cancer because they are either breast carcinogens or estrogen mimics. We are so grateful to Men With Heart for this grant, which will accelerate Silent Spring’s prevention research. This work includes the development of new technologies to quickly screen chemicals for effects on breast cancer and breast health, putting in sight the day that consumer products will be deemed safe before they are put on the market.”

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    ABOUT MEN WITH HEART: Men With Heart is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer by getting more men involved in the breast cancer fight; raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research, treatment, prevention, and cure; and serving as stewards on multiday breast cancer walks, helping our fellow walkers complete their walks in good spirits and shape. Men With Heart supports a number of organizations. Since 2002, we have awarded grants to the Avon Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Healing Garden, The Ellie Fund, The Lahey Clinic, Dana Farber Hospital, and many other organizations. More information may be found at

    Contact: Jack Burlingame
    Founding board member

    ABOUT SILENT SPRING INSTITUTE: Founded in 1994, Silent Spring Institute is the leading scientific research organization dedicated to understanding how we can help prevent breast cancer. The organization’s groundbreaking studies reveal connections between the chemicals in our everyday lives and the risk for breast cancer. Pursuing science for the public interest, Silent Spring’s researchers create new knowledge about the health risks associated with toxic chemicals where we live and work—areas that largely have been ignored in breast cancer research. More information is available at

    Contact: Catherine M. Cotton
    Development and Communications Associate
    617-332-4288 ext. 215

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