Dissed and defended

Dissed and defended

When a first-time walker complained that the Men With Heart aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, dozens of 3-day walkers sprang to our defense! Here’s the full thread:

Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:31 am Subject: Men with heart

I am a first walker, came all the way up from germany to join the amazing journey, and i am so proud of all, that we did it! i will try to come back next year.

But! Alot of non-first walker told me the great job about the men with heart!

you will find them everywhere
they talk to u
they give u candy
they sing
they are so nice.

you will find them everywhere???? NOPE… they are all together how can i find them everywhere???

they talk to you like i said to one where have u been i needed u??? nice looking cute girl look up to him with questionmark.

he: should i feel guilty now???

i mean, if u carry a bag with u and wear one of those men with heart tshirts u should be able to repesent one of thoese men WITH heart!!
or am i wrong???

i know they have to raise the same money as we do! and it is not easy for all and it is not easy to carry a big heavy bag with u and walk 60 miles. ( a reason to empy it) so give out candy??!!???!!
but if you just want to walk! DONT WEAR A MEN WITH HEART shirt!!

i loved the 3day it was soooooooo cool and i will tell everyone in germany about i can find.
but there has to be something wrong when nonfirstwalker tell me they are everywhere and after the event they tell me. i am sorry they WHERE everywhere last year but for a not finding reason they where nowhere, or just all together in the front!!!

respect for all that we did it
but i think this has to be changed!
would like to hear your opinion


Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:50 am Subject:

Wow, You must have past one man at a low point in his walk. I have never seen a MWH walker who didn’t strike up a conversation or ask me how I was doing along the way. Remember, they are walking too so they may be feeling the heat and/or pain that you are. I have nothing but good thoughts about thiis group of men. I’m sorry to read your post.


Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:58 am Subject:

Wow. I’m so sorry you didn’t find them. I found them everywhere I went, got sunscreen spray from them, had them help me with my pack, and sat near them at lunch on the 3rd day. Some were in small groups but others were alone and spread out among all the walkers. I LOVED the men with heart! (but not as much as the Pink Angel Posse man with the bubble shirt…my husband, Bob!)


Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:36 pm Subject:

We only passed a few of them on day 3. However I will say we were all the way in the front of the pack on Day 1 and 2 so they were probablt further back.

We started a little later on Day 3 and have to say I saw one of the Men with Heart stop walking get into the middle of a busy street to cross a cute little old lady….SO CUTE!


Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:44 pm Subject: Dear Krazygermangirl

As a member of the team for the last four Years i am very surprised by your post.
YES we raise the same amount as you
YES we walk the same miles as you
YES we sleep and eat at the same place with you

BUT we were only 15 of us during this walk and it is very hard to be, sing, help and cheer everywhere during the walk.

We helped many women along the walk giving out candy, sun lotion and tampons and most important cheer along the way and also at the very end of each day. Friday night we stand in the rain cheering until the last walker came into camp. We repeated the same on Saturday night and Sunday. I think the welcoming from the crowd during the closing ceremony reflected the amount of our efforts. Unfortunately we couldn’t be everywhere and help everyone, BUT remember we are an all volunteer team and we do it because it brings joy and happiness to us and our fellow walkers.

Sorry to disappoint you, maybe next year ( because we will be there) come over and say hi and we will sign to you



Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:10 pm Subject: Very surprised by your comments

As a previous walker who has received assistance from the MWH and now as a crew member who saw the MWH trickle into Pit #3 each day…all spread out…I am shocked by your comments.

As the previous post mentioned – there were on ly 15 guys on this years team as they had participants in the AVON walk as well. Most men will split between walks as it takes ALOT to raise money for both. So if you think of the ratio of 15 Men and 1500 hundred walkers….what else can I say. They are a TEAM and most people like to walk with their team so the bad singers can be camouflaged by the good singers as well as take care of their own too. Everyone has a story and why they are participating in the 3Day. Many of these men have been personally touched by wives, mothers, aunts or sisters and that holds true for all of the walkers. As a walker we should ALL be prepared for our own walk and not dependent on anyone else. Therefore if you have your period….carry a tampon. Make sure you have blister care in your pack. Oh and as a past wlaker, I know there was PLENTY of candy along the route along with frozen grapes, popsicles and frozen gatorade.

Dig deep inside yourself as to the real reason you decided to walk the Boston 3Day…was to see the MWH or to create awareness for a disease that takes a woman’s life every 13 minutes.


Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:35 pm Subject: Snoopy

I won’t speak for the other 14 members of the team, just myself….and I have to first ask, were you on the same Boston Walk that I was ???? I didn’t walk with the rest of the team, as we each have are own motivations, and reasons for walking, and I personally prefer to be on my own, as opposed to a group. I think that althought we walk as a team, the experience is very individual. I’m not sure where you were in the overall stream of walkers, but I can say that I was about 1hour ahead of the team on Day 1, and well behind on both Day 2 and 3. Personally,I nearly ran out of supplies by the end of Day 3, and over the course of the 60 miles, heard nothing but praise and thanks for Men with Heart’s efforts, from the multitude of walkers I spoke with. I consider myself lucky to wear that yellow shirt, and be a part of such an amazing group of guys, 15 different personalities, with 15 different reasons for walking, but ONE PURPOSE…..to support the AMAZING WOMEN, and MEN, walking those 60 miles !


Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:38 pm Subject:

Men With Heart are an incredible team! As mentioned above, they do the same as every other team (raise $$$, walk-walk-walk, sleep in tents, etc.), but they do so much more…to encourage and inspire others. I just wish the other cities would catch on. Boston is sooooo lucky to have them (and Youth Corps too). As a Sweeper this year, I can ASSURE you that MWH were EVERYWHERE…sometimes together in small groups, often by themselves helping/encouraging some walker. As a previous walker, I can attest to how helpful they are…there were times when I wasn’t sure I could continue—and there they were! I’ve walked other cities and really wished I could see those yellow shirts. I’m not sure what krazygermangirl was expecting–and I’m sorry she was disappointed–but the rest of us WERE NOT!


Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:48 pm Subject:

I did not realize they only did Boston, I am sad that I will not get to see their smiling faces when my team does DC in 2011, please come with us MWH!!!


Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:11 pm Subject:

Do you know at least ONE man who might be interested…it takes only one to get it started. Put that man in touch with the Boston group (www.menwithheart.org)–and maybe DC can be the next city to have such an awesome group!!!


Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:37 pm Subject: MWH are fantastic

To the young woman from Germany, I walked with you for awhile on Saturday, you told me and my teamate about your fundraising efforts and your trip to Boston and why you were walking. You told us your story and we walked towards camp together on the final mile. I enjoyed our time on the route together.

I am sorry about your experience. All I know is that MWH helped me with my tent, gave me supplies for my feet, sang to me, pumped fists with me, smiled at me and walked with me for some of the hardest miles. Yes, there are only 15 of them, and we wish there were 5 times that many, but the presence of those 15 is HUGE and meant a great deal to me and many walkers. Plus, they cheered us into camp each night – such an awesome feeling!

Men With Heart – you are a class act and are truly appreciated by so many! As a proud member of The Pink Angels, kudos to our brothers on Men With Heart. We love you and could not have made it 60 miles without your enthusiasm, love, energy, humor, supplies and hugs. Each of you is a true gentleman with a heart of gold.

Liz Dooley, 2009 & 2010 Walker Very Happy
The Pink Angels


Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:39 pm Subject:

I am very disheartened by this post. Having just finished my 7th walk, I have found the Men to be there with and for every walker on the route. They carry those heavy backpacks every step of the way. It is from the goodness of their hearts that they do so…they are not Crew, they are not Med, they are not part of the Sweep team. They do so to try and assist others when help is not immediately at hand.

I have always carried my own supplies while knowing there are thousands of others I could ask for help, not just the Men With Heart. I have found that, should I stop to take a pebble out of my shoe, every single walker who passes will ask if I need assistance with anything. It is simply the spirit of the Walk to help one another; these Men simply take it to another level.

These guys are part of a team and look forward to sharing their 3Day experience with one another, just as they share many hours putting on fundraising events in order to make a true difference. They sing together for the walkers during the event…and sometimes solo, much to their discomfort, if asked. They stand on their feet for many hours after their 20+ miles in order to make every walker feel honored and appreciated for their efforts as they return to Camp.

I had the privilege of spending time with one of the Men for a good part of the Walk this year and got to know him pretty well. Not only did I witness his concern for other walkers and offer of help any time he saw someone who appeared to be in distress but I learned of his reason for walking…and the reason he continues. I found his Heart to be worthy of capitalization; it is overflowing with emotion in a way that was clear to everyone he passed on his way into Holding. I now have the honor of calling him “friend”.

I am very saddened to read your words of disparagement and hope you have a better understanding of who these Men are and what they do. I hope you recognize that they are always doing their very best. And I hope you do come back again next year, with the recognition that help is all around you…not just through those very special men with the yellow t-shirts.

Boston walker ’04-’10


Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:51 pm Subject:

As a 1st time walker and a new member of “Men With Heart” I am very disheartened to read this post. The guys I met this weekend were some of the finest men I’ve met in my life. Like others have said, with only 15 members, we can’t possibly be there to take care of every problem of every walker. We as a team have already started the discussion on how we can improve on our next walk and we do welcome suggestions. One thing all the walkers could do is send us some help. If there is a man in your life, that you feel would love joining us, please send him our way.


We are looking to add more members all the time.

Finally to all the walkers I shared the road with this weekend, thank you for giving me a weekend I’ll never forget. All the cheers, smiles and tears will be with me for a long, long time.


Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:03 pm Subject: Thank You

I have never walked Boston, but this will be my 5th year walking San Diego…

I just wanted to say Thanks, after reading all of the posts on how supportive you are to the cause, it’s an awesome thing you men do! The walkers of Boston are lucky to have you there!

SD 06, 07, 08, 09, 10…..


Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:23 pm Subject: I LOVE the men with heart

Hello all,

I just had to add that the Men with Heart have been an amazing part of the 3-Day experience for me!!! I always come home and tell people about the walk and the group of men who go out of their way to help fellow walkers! Thank you so much for all that you do… i had the opportunity to talk to many Men members and you are truly wonderful.

THANK YOU MEN WITH HEART!!!! See you next year!!!

Tampa ’05 walker
Boston ’06 & ’07 Crew
Boston ’10 Walker Very Happy


Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:48 pm Subject: Sorry krazygermangirl

I will officially apologize to you Krazygermangirl!

This was my 3rd 3day (2nd with MenWithHeart) and have to say I have never met such a great group of guys. I speak for myself that it will be your comment that will stick in my head until next year. I just hope it was a one-time incident for that teammate……that’s not what we are about. I walked with many walkers and got to know them a little and hear their stories.
I past out some candy, tampons and bandaids… greeted many walkers with a smile even with my own aches and pain…. I gave away my extra toothbrush that I packed, brought almost 1000 pink bracelets and passed those out, gave the YouthCorp pink Glow bracelets and gave away my mp3 player with speaker trying to make a difference to as many people as possible! I just promised to walk with a woman next year step by step because she is losing a cousin rapidly to this disease and really wants to try the 3day! I do all this because it makes me feel good too!

Again I apologize for your experience…..I hope to meet you next year to say it in person!

Thanks, Keith Collins walker 08′, 09′, 10′ and til I can no longer walk


Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:43 pm Subject:
This was my 6th Boston walk. I must admit I saw less of MWH this year than in the past. But then again, I walked right up at the beginning of the pack each day, so I so fewer walkers in general (but very much enjoyed the company of those I did see). But I think that MWH are fantastic, and I always look forward to seeing them.


Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:11 am Subject: men with heart

Wow! Were you even on the same walk as us? I can tell you as a first time walker not knowing anyone it was a MAN WITH HEART who approached me first at the hotel Thursday night and gave me a pin and welcomed me! I also saw first hand the kindness of these men as one of them gave away his season tickets to a Red Sox game to someone who needed cheering up due to an ill family member! They sang to us during the walk and cheered us on!
I hope you had better intentions for doing this walk than just meeting some men to give you candy from their backpack!


Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:09 am Subject: MEN WITH HEART HAVE GREAT BIG HEARTS!!!!

I want to thank all 15 members of the AWESOME team that walks with heavy packs filled for ALL walkers who are in need on the road. I needed to get my knee some icy/hot in between pit stops and they were there for me and all others in need. You guys make me smile and I am sure all the walkers men and women alike. To have you there at the end of all three days makes me so proud and happy that after walking just as much as everyone else you stand in the heat and rain to greet and make welcome to the walkers. You GUYS ARE THE BEST! luv u, can’t wait to see u next year!


Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:34 am Subject: Men With Heart

Just wanted to say that it was Angelo from MWH that really inspired me to finish each day. All of the MWH were wonderful. They really went the extra mile (ha! ha!) by waiting until the last walker came into camp each night.




Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:58 am Subject: Boston is known for it’s firsts

Hi Krazy girl,
Boston is known for all of it’s firsts. It was your first and five years ago it was my first and yet no two walks are ever the same. Boston is the first scheduled walk of the year. Boston is the home of Great Teams like the Pink Angels, the Cup Crusaders, the Granite Angels, just to name a few. Each of the Teams and more have held me in their arms and been my guardian Angels. MWH is no exception and then there’s The Youth Corps a first of it’s kind soon to touch thousands more in al the 3 Day cities. Every year I have one regret; that I couldn’t meet everyone; couldn’t hear every story; and for all that I did I have such a hard time remembering names, yet still I have such a strong feeling of being a part of something truly unique and special. I hope you felt it too, i know you felt it too! We have much in common you and I. We both travelled many miles to come to Boston and though you may not realise we were both on the same team. There were many first time walkers who were experience or only hearing about MWH for the first time. Those of us who have walked Boston before know them as our 3 Day brothers. You are our 3 Day Sister. I remember 3 years ago a couple walking Boston together for the first time and they needed something. Not exactly sure what it was but I knew MWH could help. I stopped a safety on his bike and the msg went out. They passed it on and found “a yellow shirt” and supplies were sent to where they were needed. I believe the message is clear that we want you to know not only how much we appreciate and respect MWH but also our appreciation for every walker. I hope to hear from you and I hope to hear your story and I hope next year you will walk again, with all of us. The truth be told we just can’t get enough of MWH and all of us wish that MWH could be walking with us each step of the way because they are so amazing. I was asked to join MWH but I started my team as “an Army of One” a slogan I used during my 2nd year walking. I consider myself an honorary member of MWH and have “stolen” and used pictures of the guys with myself to promote my team, my story, and my journey. The journey has not ended. I talked with many and asked this question while on the walk as a part of my journey. “How many Teams are walking today on the Boston 3 Day?” I got alot of different answers and some got it right! One Team – One Voice – One Goal! You were a part of that Team and for that I can’t Thank You enough and I can’t give enough 3 Day Hugs! Come Back to Boston! Your Team, My Team, Our Team will be waiting for you with all the support and 3 Day Hugs you need to carry you through. It’s not only MWH that want you but The Boston 3 Day Team that will be waiting for you to walk once again, hand in hand side by side for each other for as long and as far as it takes to see what we all came here for… A World Without Breast Cancer! jeffreyhollett@yahoo.com


Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:08 pm Subject: Excuse me?

This was my first walk. I never heard of MWH, but on that first day noticed that the company I have worked for the past 16 years was listed at the top of the list of sponsors (Deloitte). I am proud to be a part of that company, and proud to tell people that my company is a sponsor of MWH! I am not sure where you were on your walk, front, middle, or back….but I know that I saw a yellow shirt every day, at every stop, all the way through. I also heard that in past years they were handing out money to those who didn’t make their goal! I didn’t see this first hand, but from what I experienced this year on my journey, I would believe that to be true.

I am sorry that you interpreted one comment from a fellow walker the wrong way. It is certainly evident that no one else that participated in the walk felt the same way. I love MWH and I can’t wait to see them next year!!!


Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:17 pm Subject:

i too must say that my experiences with Men with Heart have been nothing but positive! every time i saw one of them the 1st day they asked me if i wanted or needed a MWH pin:) they are always there at the end of each day at camp to cheer the walkers coming in….even when they could be relaxing or doing their own thing. They truly do try to go above and beyond and every year they never fail to make me laugh:) Thank you Men With Heart for showing us that you care!

Boston Walker 07,08,09,10 and til we don’t have to walk anymore


Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:16 pm Subject:

i was a first time walker and mwh were GREAT!! we got to meet them the night before at the hotel restuarant, they sang happy bday to me and were great, talking to everyone…. I saw at least one all the time on the route, at least in every pit stop, i was about the middle to the end of the pack of walkers. my fanny pack was falling apart from the weight- trained with it but not with everything in it that I carried on the walk, and they held it together with duct tape for me to get me 12 miles. that’s men with heart.

thank you soo much! we love you!


Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:33 pm Subject:
I feel I need to comment. I was a first time walker and I found the Men With Heart team to be extremely inspiring throughout the event! One man from this team (not sure who he was but would like to say thank you) happened to come by me while I was having a particularly difficult time – he came up on my left to ask if I wanted one of the pins and because we were passing Newton/Wellsley Hospital (where my best friend died from breast cancer) – I was in tears. I began to apologize to him and he told me no reason to – and offered me some much needed support.

Then every time we came in to camp – there they were! I for one would like to thank each and every one of the men on this team for giving of themselves and putting us all ahead of themselves all along the way. I look forward to being a 2nd time walker and seeing them all again!!!!!!!! God bless you all!


Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:36 am Subject: disagree, disagree

you put the krazy in krazy with that post:)

Boston was my first 3day for the cure walk. it was emotional, inspiring, challenging, therapeutic, HUMBLING, awe inspiring and much more…

one thing I did learn is that this walk for the cure and the purpose of which we were doing this walk is much bigger than ourselves.

life is all about how you look at things, if you are going to make a post about something negative about probably one of the most positive experiences someone can have then maybe you need to do another walk…

men with heart are amazing and i truly enjoyed their lessons on life, love and Latrines…

this walk is a privilege…


Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:11 pm Subject:

I cannot believe your attitude toward a group of men that volunteer to help ALL walkers. As someone said, they are 15; walkers are 1500. They cannot be in all places at all times, but when i see one or hear that really bad singing, it brings a smile to my face. when i walk into camp at the end of the day when I think I can’t walk another step, there they are welcoming the walkers. The only thing I wanted to do when i returned to camp was take my shoes off and lay down. They stay outside until the last walker comes in. I am amazed with their energy, compassion, sense of humor. In addition to Boston last year I walked DC and I gotta tell you it just WAS NOT THE SAME without those MEN. This year I have added Philly and Phoenix and I will miss my MEN with all my heart.

BTW – to the lady from germany – didn’t you see the balloon that said “whinning causes blisters”. I guess not and assume that your feet are riddend with those miserable little creatures.


Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:57 pm Subject:
men with heart rule.

shockingly, i was able to come up with one item that none of them had in their packs! (at least, the 3 mwh who were near me at one of the pit stops) hopefully those amazing guys will add preparation h to their supply list for next year Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

seriously, though…have i mentioned that men with heart rule?


Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:15 am Subject:

Hey chaosreins,

I had A&D Ointment and Neosporin. Does that count? (LOL)

George “Honey, I’m Home!” Roy
New MWH member


Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:34 am Subject:

I’ve been carrying “Tucks To Go” with me for 6 years now. I’d love to see that added to the MWH list! I remember the year they added “Wings” that was good for a few laughs. Weather it be “Tucks To Go” or Prep – H we all know if you need someone to cover your butt Men With Heart are our go to guys!!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Very Happy!!!


Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:29 pm Subject:

honey.im.home wrote:
Hey chaosreins,
I had A&D Ointment and Neosporin. Does that count? (LOL)
George “Honey, I’m Home!” Roy
New MWH member

george, that probably would have done as much good with your arthritis as it would have with my…ah…em…well…you know.

thankfully, the medical crew had some at the next pit. dr. patty rules!


Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:23 pm Subject:
I love all of you and your newest addition. End of story.

Next year…..Blinkin Boobie Beads…and more of them!!!!! What a hoot!

Cup Crusaders


Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:21 pm Subject: Thank you Men With Heart!

I dont have anything else to add that was not already said, but I saw MWH everywhere and was thankful for their presence. Thank you all so much, you do an awesome job!!!

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