Men With Heart is a group of men committed to fighting breast cancer.

We are husbands who are doing something constructive rather than resigning ourselves to helplessness. We are sons who have seen our mothers courageously fight an insidious disease. We are brothers who want to stand beside our sisters in this battle. We are relatives, friends, lovers, colleagues, neighbors, and admirers of the women who are struggling with, often beating, and, regrettably, sometimes losing the fight with breast cancer.

We do our best to raise awareness, funds, and smiles. We participate in a variety of breast cancer events, wearing our trademark yellow shirts, including the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, the Komen 3-Day Walks and the Komen Race for the Cure, and the American Cancer Society Making Strides Walk and Relay for Life as well as the Jenny Birch/Susan Snow-Cotter Memorial Regatta to Fight Breast Cancer. We walk with the goals of spreading good cheer, encouraging a spirit of camaraderie, and helping our fellow walkers. We also host a gala party every year and a racing event in the fall. We support and get involved with a variety of other breast cancer causes, organizations, and events.

Since our inception in 2001, Men With Heart has raised over $800,000 for breast cancer prevention, treatment, and awareness.

To make a donation, to join the team, or to just learn more, click on any of the links above. Thanks for visiting!

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