Recruitment Tips

Every new guy that we recruit equals at least $2,000 for the cause — and sometimes much more! Then each new teammate becomes another evangelist who potentially gets others within their social circle to join. The exponential impact can be tremendous.

Here’s another tangible reason to recruit: If you are an existing Men With Heart member, you can earn a $250 incentive for every guy you get to join our team!

Here are some tips to help us grow the MWH team:

1) Evangelize: Talk up MWH at work, at parties, at family gatherings, wherever you may be. Tell the story of how MWH got started. (Find the story of MWH’s founding here.) Describe what the cause means to your personally.

2) Probe: Find out if your recruit also has a connection to the cause. The majority of people do! Tell them how rewarding it is to fight back against this insidious foe instead of sitting on the sidelines powerless and helpless.

3) Publicize: Download and print out this recruitment poster. Hang copies at work, your local grocery story, bank, sub shop, and pub.

4) Socialize: Update your Facebook status with a MWH recruitment pitch: “[Your Name] is looking for a few good men to fight breast cancer. Ask me how.” Send the same message to your Twitter followers.

5) Promote: Give recruits a MWH button and a flyer. (Click here if you want us to send you some buttons and flyers). Send them to the MWH website:

6) Inform: Have your recruit contact the Avon Walk captain (Jack) or the Komen Walk captain (Scott) with any questions or for more information.

7) Commit: Capitalize on the enthusiasm you generate by closing the deal. Have your recruit sign up for the Avon Walk or the Komen Walk. Make sure he indicates “Men With Heart” as his team when signing up.

8 ) Cash in: Claim your $250 fundraising credit!

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