Walking season is fast approaching. Here’s an update on our Avon and Komen teams, plus news about two upcoming MWH parties.

~The Walks~

Avon walk: 2 days/40 miles
May 19-20
This will be the 11th consecutive year that MWH has fielded an Avon team. If I had more time, I’d calculate just how much we’ve raised for the Avon, but suffice to say it’s in the multiple hundreds of thousands. Please consider joining the MWH team for this walk. Click here to register for the Avon.

Komen walk: 3 days/60 miles
July 27-29
Komen may be lousy at PR, but they are still a powerful fundraising machine for fighting breast cancer. Their 3-day events are well produced and raise both awareness and funds in great quantities. Sign up for the Komen walk here.

~The Parties~

Our friends at Glynn Hospitality and Outback Steakhouse have confirmed they’ll be putting on their respective parties again this year with MWH as the beneficiary.

Glynn party (June 21):
If you attended the open-air block party outside Jose McIntyre’s last year, you know this event is a blast! With live bands, outdoor taps and grills, raffles and prizes, this is a must-attend event on the MWH social calendar.

Outback party (August 23):
Outback pushed their party into late summer (it was in May last year), which means better weather and a chance to celebrate the conclusion of another successful walking season. This socially minded restaurant chain, in collaboration with Heineken, provides the venue, food, beer, and raffle prizes. 100% of the proceeds go to MWH.

Keep an eye on the MWH website and Facebook page for more info as these events draw closer.

~Jack Burlingame

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