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Tom Negus-2016v02Many years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. This diagnosis came after at least 10 years of bi-annual mammography, with always a negative result.  It was determined when the positive diagnosis came, that the cancer had gone undetected for at least 5 YEARS.  I was at this point I decided that I needed to do more than just be there for her, through the surgery and subsequent radiation therapy , and hopefully prevent others from the same fate as my mom, cancer going undiagnosed for years.

I saw an advertisement on TV for the Susan G Komen 3-day walk for a cure, and thought maybe it was the place to go, to help with the fight.  I went to an Introductory Meeting and found I was the only man at the meeting.  After being welcomed, and encouraged to participate, I was told to contact “Men with Heart,” a Boston based group of guys, working to help find a cure for breast cancer.  I did contact the group, and found a great bunch of guys, walking for their Mothers, sisters, spouses, and friends, who were diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Many years have passed since that first walk, and although advancement have been made in the fight to end Breast Cancer, largely funded by Susan G Komen foundation, and many other great organizations, like Avon,  the fight is far from over.  Over these years, I don’t care to count how many women I know who have been diagnosed…..some made it, some didn’t, so the fight continues.

A few years ago, Komen pulled out of Boston, and so went my yearly effort to aid in the fight.  I’ve still participated in local Making Strides walks, and local fundraisers, but miss the 3-day. This year, Komen is inviting past walkers to participate in a walk as close as possible to their home state, as it’s the 15th anniversary of their first walk.  It’s an opportunity  I couldn’t pass up……so here we go, one more time, for a GREAT CAUSE .

Thanks for visiting my information page, and PLEASE consider making a donation.  Your donation can make a world of difference, in saving a life.


To donate by credit card, just click on the button below, which will take you to a secure PayPal page.

To donate via check, please mail your donation to:

Men With Heart, A Non-Profit Corporation
733 TurnpikeStreet, #200
North Andover, MA 01845

Please write on the check or on an accompanying note the following information:

Your name and address (if not already on the check)
Your email address (so we can send you a receipt)
“Tom Negus“

Click here to see how your donation will be used in the fight against cancer.

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